About Us

Bridging Patient Transition to Post Acute Care Since 1995

NorthCoast bridges the gap from facility-based care to community-based services by providing ease of patient access to post-acute population management. We strive to reduce administrative burdens, ease authorization, and offer higher reimbursement to our provider network. Driving an exemplary model of service, NorthCoast is dedicated to individualized care and the unique needs of each patient.

Our patient-centric model partners with health plan and providers.


How does NorthCoast make a valuable network management partner?

  • A single point of contact to manage a post-acute provider network to your health plan specifications
    • Delegated contracting and NCQA-compliant credentialing of providers
    • Provider compliance, patient outcome, and reduced paperwork
  • Reduce administrative costs and generate cost savings for payors
    • Facilitate patient care coordination and transition to community-based services
    • Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, ED visits, and outpatient utilization
  • Process and submit claims electronically in HIPAA-compliant, standardized coding format
  • Data collection, aggregation, and analytics reporting


Why select NorthCoast as your independent, third-party network manager?

  • 25 years’ experience as a single point of contact for:
    • Credentialing, contracting, and network access for multiple plans
    • Ease of referral, benefits verification, prior authorization, and appeals
  • Maximize reimbursement
    • Higher fee schedule
    • Prompt payment provides predictable cash flow
    • No hidden fees
  • Comprehensive claims management
    • timely filing
    • appeals processing for denied claims
    • patient cost-shared collection
  • Compliance and regulation resources available on the provider portal