About Us

Bridging Patient Transition to Post Acute Care

NorthCoast bridges the gap between traditional and conventional methods of patient services and provides an innovative and forerunning approach to better serve patients and carriers. Lee Passell, owner and President of NorthCoast, has always been curious about more than just numbers, even when he began his early career as a CPA. Lee envisioned a comprehensive, coordinated approach for providing services to patients in their home. By facilitating appropriate discharge planning and service delivery, he has brought significant savings to insurance companies and hospitals. His vision still includes coordinated, patient-centered care where patient need, physician order, and benefit plan are skillfully matched and directed toward producing positive outcomes.

Much of his vision included building a team of healthcare professionals with diverse expertise and experiences. He sought passionate leaders at all levels who are independent thinkers and would push with energy and spirit to see their ideas accomplished, no matter what the challenges. He created an environment focused on paving paths, creating, innovating, and implementing his vision, while building a company where people want to work and have a love for what they do. Many NorthCoast associates have worked together for well over 20 years.

Your future is our today. We are bridging the gap to move toward an innovative tomorrow. By infusing contagious enthusiasm and passion in our team and those who work with us, we are breaking the conventional barriers with cutting-edge technology that links clinical and financial systems and processes. We drive exemplary models of service, networks, and programs while being dedicated to individualized care and the unique needs of each patient.

The healthcare challenges of today are extensive in all venues of care. Our focus is to bridge the challenges, provide exceptional service and remain ever vigilant and focused on our home care patients and other partners in care. NorthCoast is “building bridges for tomorrow” for excellence in healthcare.

Home Health, Home Infusion, and Hospice since 1995

TODAY The state-wide network includes over 250 providers for home health, home infusion, and hospice. The providers are hospital based, independent, proprietary, or non-profit organizations. NORTHCOAST brings extensive experience as a home care and infusion provider, as well as over 16 years of network management. We are patient advocates who seek to have the best outcome for the patient, while providing services in the most cost efficient manner for the payor.

NorthCoast Infusion Network (NCIN) was developed to meet a growing need for easy access to infusion and specialty services in the local market and to bring new opportunities to infusion providers.

2006 We expanded our payor panel to include Medical Mutual of Ohio. Many providers have direct contracts but can additionally work with Medical Mutual through our network.

2005 The network expanded to cover the entire state and the contiguous counties bordering the state.

1997 Lee complemented the provision of home health care with the purchase of a home infusion pharmacy. NorthCoast Infusion Therapies was in operation until 2008.

1996 NORTHCOAST began its long-standing relationship with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield with its integrated network in the Cleveland area. We have subsequently expanded the network to provide service to the entire state and the contiguous counties surrounding it.

1995 NORTHCOAST Health Care Management Services was created when Prudential HealthCare requested the development of an integrated network of home health providers for services to include home health care, infusion therapy and durable medical equipment in a multi-county service area. It was the first comprehensive home care capitation model for NORTHCOAST and Prudential. The program was successfully implemented and executed for seven years until Prudential was acquired by Aetna.

Lee Passell leaped into the healthcare industry when he purchased his first healthcare company, Medical Personnel Pool, later known as Interim HealthCare of Cleveland. He owned and operated the full service home health agency for 20 years, growing it to one of the largest proprietary home care agencies in Northeast Ohio.